Four Days in Iceland

It has been a dream of mine to travel to Iceland really ever since D2.  Yeah that is a Mighty Ducks reference.  I love landscapes and great scenery and Iceland is a country of natural […]

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Shots By Shinobi’s Prints in This Years HPS Exhibition

I have had two prints selected to be on display in this years HPS Exhibition in Harrogate.  This years exhibition will last longer than normal, embracing two consecutive weekends ( starting Friday 13th October and ending Sunday 22nd […]

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Chicago Exposed: The Strictest Gun Laws in America

In the wake of Las Vegas I decided to do a little research since people are always say gun laws won’t work.  Chicago is always their go to.  Whenever anyone brings up anything gun violence […]

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Shinobi’s Guide to Ireland Part 2

Let’s continue the trip around Ireland. Next we made our way to Killarney National Park which may have been my favorite part of the trip.  It was so beautiful there.  You could have spent at […]

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Shinobi’s Guide to Ireland Part 1

First let me say that Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited.  I spent 5 days driving the island and visiting national parks.  The first National Park we traveled to […]

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Blank Gallery Travel Exhibition in Athens

I have been chosen to be featured in the Blank Wall Gallery once again.  The theme of the exhibition is Travel so this waterfall picture is from the Fairy Pools in Isle of Skye, Scotland.  […]

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Rock School U.K.

I was invited by friends of mine to watch their young son Gage rock out with his band.  To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.  The Rock school was awesome is set […]

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Photographing Isle of Skye, Scotland

I was under the impression that the Lake District was the most beautiful place in the United Kingdom.  Lake District to be featured in a future blog.  My new favorite place in the U.K. is […]

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Astrophotography: The Milky Way Galaxy

Growing up in College Park, Georgia I never thought about seeing things such as the Milky Way.  It wasn’t until I lived overseas and started snowboarding that I actually saw the night sky without any […]

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Germany: Photographing Along the Rhine River

Germany was my home for 5 years.  I lived near the Rhine River in wine country.  There are plenty of vineyards and picturesque photo ops along the Rhine.  On my most recent visit I decided […]

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