Rock School U.K.

I was invited by friends of mine to watch their young son Gage rock out with his band.  To say that I was impressed would be an understatement.  The Rock school was awesome is set […]

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Photographing Isle of Skye, Scotland

I was under the impression that the Lake District was the most beautiful place in the United Kingdom.  Lake District to be featured in a future blog.  My new favorite place in the U.K. is […]

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Astrophotography: The Milky Way Galaxy

Growing up in College Park, Georgia I never thought about seeing things such as the Milky Way.  It wasn’t until I lived overseas and started snowboarding that I actually saw the night sky without any […]

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Germany: Photographing Along the Rhine River

Germany was my home for 5 years.  I lived near the Rhine River in wine country.  There are plenty of vineyards and picturesque photo ops along the Rhine.  On my most recent visit I decided […]

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Saal Digital UK’s Photo Book Review

Recently I was given the chance to review a photo book from Saal Digital UK I chose the 28 x 19 cm book finished on glossy paper with 26 pages. #saaldigital It was very easy […]

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Kaepernick: YOU Are Part of the Problem

Everyone that has stated Kap was wrong or not addressing the actual problem is no different than people during slavery and civil rights movement that stood quiet.   People are afraid to stand up when […]

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Usain Bolt: Peace Be the Journey

It’s rare that I am upset or indifferent after an American wins a gold medal.  This is exactly what I and 50,000 spectators felt when Justin Gatlin won the gold medal at the IAFF World […]

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Astrophotography: Shoot the Stars

If you read my Lake District blog post then you remember at the end of it when I finally climbed up to the Fell where I had the great view of Keswick.  Well I will […]

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Glenn’s Revenge: The Walking Dead

So I ran into Glenn and told him to find me a Negan and Lucille and the rest is a wrap. Oh but I did let Glenn get his revenge. I couldn’t help myself 😂

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Art of the Brick Lego Exhibition

Check out this YouTube video I created using photos I took at the amazing Art of the Brick Lego exhibit based on DC Comics Heroes and Villains. 

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