Top 10 Movies Of 2023 | Beneath The Cowl Episode EP 25

Join the Beneath the Cowl podcast as we list our TOP 10 movies of 2023!! Cosplay Alliance is an online and in-person community that aims to inspire, entertain and empower through the art of cosplay. Our very own podcast “Beneath The Cowl” can be found on all podcast platforms.

I was a part of a special Beneath the Cowl Podcast episode where we ranked our tope ten movies of 2023. Which movie will make it to number one? Barbie? Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse? The @beneaththecowlpodcast is powered by @cosplay.alliance and featured  @cosplaysbyshinobi @cassandracosplays @snowhawkcosplay and @mrcosplayalliance It’s up on the @cosplay.alliance YouTube page and all major podcasts platforms.

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The TOP TEN 2023 Movie list is here. Watch the video as we end up listing our TOP 10 plus our honorable mentions.