The Spiderwick Chronicles Review

I was given all 8 episodes of season one of The Spiderwick Chronicles to screen and let me tell you I was not disappointed. DISNEY+ dropped the ball by scrapping this off their slate. Thanks to Roku you will be able to stream this for Free. That’s right FREE starting April 19th on the ROKU Channel. I won’t be spoiling anything but this series gets a recommendation from me. The cast is absolutely fantastic. 

It’s based on the popular novel series by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black. and if you like magic, fantasy, monsters and a little bit of darkness this is for you. Let me know your thoughts after it drops. Magic and Melanin…I’m in!

The official show description says, “Helen and her children, 15-year-old fraternal twins Jared and Simon and their sister Mallory move to their ancestral home, Spiderwick. Jared discovers a boggart and realizes that magical creatures are real! The only one to believe him is his great-aunt Lucinda who implores Jared to find the pages of her father’s field guide to magical creatures and protect them from the murderous Ogre, Mulgarath.”


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The Spiderwick Chronicles cast includes Lyon Daniels as Jared Grace, Noah Cottrell as Simon Grace, Joy Bryant as Helen Grace, Mychala Lee as Mallory Grace, Jack Dylan Grazer as Thimbletack, Christian Slater as Mulgarath, Alyvia Alyn Lind as Calliope, and Momona Tamada as Emiko. 

Here are some cool promotional stills from the series:













The teaser introduces the magic and whimsy that made the book series popular before we see it take a darker tone when they reveal the overarching conflict. There is so much you are going to enjoy that wasn’t in the trailer. After the award-winning Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, the Roku Channel has a chance to build on the momentum with The Spiderwick Chronicles. 

Here is the trailer:

Does The Spiderwick Chronicles have the potential to continue past its initial 8-episode run? Well you have to wait and see.