Emerald City Comic Con 2024

Emerald City was first west coast convention I attended back in 2022 and I’ve been coming back since. It never disappoints. Even with the wet weather. It was cool because it was as laid back as you wanted it to be or as up-tempo as you wanted. This convention gave me the opportunity to meet so many cosplayers that I normally don’t see because I don’t travel to many west coast conventions. I was able to coordinate a few cosplay groups with cosplayers and even record a bunch of skits and video content with Chongahn. This was my third time attending Emerald City Comic Con and it was another blast. I attended on behalf of Cosplay Alliance and Shots by Shinobi as an interviewer. 

Representation is extremely important and I met the owner of @strangercomics Sebastian Jones who focuses on people of color in his stories. We chatted about Niobe. I was also lucky to interview two dope artists from @thelegacystudioofficial, @robretiano  and @fineartbyash. https://www.instagram.com/strangercomics/. 

Last year I was able to attend an interview my favorite artist was attending, Marcus the visual who is on IG @marcusthevisual. I was actually wearing his version of a genderbend Rogue cosplay from X-Men that he drew during his annual Swaptober series. This year he drew a photo of me in my most known cosplay, A-Train from the Boys. The unveiling of the photo is here. I also asked him about a project he is working on.

Here is a video from @ugoandcosplay that sums up Sunday at ECCC in which we coordinated a Power Rangers group.

You must get that photo in front of the ECCC letters or else were you really there?









I met Karan Ashley and Walter Jones who are both OG Power Rangers. Karan presented me with a special communicator.


This cosplay was years in the making. Like 5+ years. I’m happy I was finally able to do it and with a squad. RIP to the GOAT Jason David Frank #greenrangersupremacy #powerrangers #powerrangerscosplay #eccc2024 #squadgoals

♬ original sound – iHearCanvas

I also worked with some great photographers to get some cool photos.

Here is a Fantastic Four Family Portrait by @Dtjaaaam 









Here are a couple super cool pics of me and my bro @ugoandcosplay as Superman and Superboy on Superman Day by @Mrdangphotos.










This ECCC was amazing and I was able to reconnect with old friends and meet a ton of new friends. I definitely will be back next year. Last year I said I was considering strongly moving to Seattle. I am happy to announce that as of early February I made the move and now Emerald City Comic Con is my home convention.