The Big Cat Sanctuary

I have always had a love for big cats.  A couple of years ago I almost moved to Africa to work with them for a while but in the end it wasn’t the right time.  […]

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Shots by Shinobi Cosplay Spotlight: Kisa

I met Kisa last year at MCM Birmingham and since then we have become friends.  She is one of the most talented builders I have ever seen.  I have seen her put together dresses overnight […]

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MCM Comic Con London

This Comic Con was special for a lot of reasons.  First I was able to reunite with a bunch of friends that I don’t get to see often and made tons of new friends.  I […]

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The Avengers Infinity Fan Event (No Spoilers)

I don’t know even how to characterize this weekend. It has been a crazy couple of months if you include the Black Panther European Premier to include meeting Ryan Coogler and having our photos shared […]

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MCM Comic Con Birmingham

MCM Birmingham was a blast despite the snowstorm that came through.  I was able to catch up with some old friends and make some new friends.  I won’t try to name everyone because I would […]

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An Isle of Skye Christmas

Have I mentioned how much I love Isle of Skye?  Yea I did in another post and in my 1st video vlog I did roughly about a year ago.  I decided to go back to […]

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Shots By Shinobi Cosplay Spotlight: God of Thunder UK

I saw this guy all over Instagram named @godofthunderuk at placed near me and I just always managed to miss him.  He was the best Thor cosplay I had ever seen.  It was a must […]

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Photographing Winter in North Yorkshire, U.K.

The winter storm has been tabbed the “Beast From the East” and it left me with the perfect opportunity to shoot in the cold.  When I say cold temperatures have been below zero degrees for […]

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Love From Wakanda: A Black Panther Marriage Proposal

The hype for the Black Panther movie took the world by storm since its theatrical release.  Many Black people have been waiting for this type of representation in film for a very long time.  The […]

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Black Panther: A Billion?

Can the Black Panther do $1 billion? Black Panther official three day opening weekend came in at $201.7 million. The film has the fifth-highest grossing opening weekend of all time. Black Panther has the record […]

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