Beneath the Cowl Cosplayer Round Table Podcasts

Join the Beneath the Cowl podcast as we list our chat with cosplayers about when they started cosplaying, what cons are their favorites and what cosplays are their favorite. We also talk about gatekeeping and the positive and negative in the cosplay community. Cosplay Alliance is an online and in-person community that aims to inspire, entertain and empower through the art of cosplay. Our very own podcast “Beneath The Cowl” can be found on all podcast platforms. 

The @beneaththecowlpodcast is powered by @cosplay.alliance and features @cosplaysbyshinobi @cassandracosplays @snowhawkcosplay and @mrcosplayalliance as hosts. It’s up on the @cosplay.alliance YouTube page and all major podcasts platforms.

Click the photo to check out the cosplayer round 1 podcast discussion. 














Click the photos to check out the cosplayer round 2 podcast discussion.