Interview with Nathaniel Dolquist Creator of Hulkling and Wiccan

I was offered the opportunity to interview Nathaniel Dolquist, creator of Hulkling and Wiccan: Love is Power, a fan series dedicated to the Marvel characters. For those that don’t know, the Hulkling and Wiccan are most known for being a part of the Young Avengers and also for their openly gay relationship. Nathaniel created a series that brought Marvel’s most prominent gay couple to life. 
The series follows Young Avengers Hulkling/Teddy Altman (Nathaniel Dolquist) and Wiccan/Billy Kaplan (Evan Gambardella) as they learn to co-habitate.Wiccan is the son of hte Scarlet Witch. The Hulkling may look like it but he is not related to the Hulk. He is half Kree, half Skrull and is a shapeshifter. The series premiered in Los Angeles on March 9, 2024 and an attendee stated, “It’s a love letter to a truly wonderful and wholesome relationship…There was laughter, tears, and a nod to WandaVision.”
The full 6 part mini web series has a running time of roughly 12 minutes. It is made in the style of a mix between a show likeModern Family and the superhero cinematic genre, despite being a fan fiction series. 
Marvel have started to sprinkle in same sex relationships starting with the Eternals as Brian Tyree Henry’s character, Phastos, was Marvel’s first on-screen gay couple. Also in 2022 American Chavez was raised by two mothers. With Marvel moving to include the Young Avengers will Wiccan and Hulkling be introduced to include their gay romance? If they were truly dedicated to inclusion they will. 
The series was directed by Luka Bayani. 
You can watch my interview on the Beneath the Cowl podcast powered by Cosplay Alliance with Nathaniel by clicking the photo.
Here is the trailer for the series.

You can watch this short series on Nathaniel’s Youtube channel.