Another year another Dragon Con is in the books.  Dragon Con is still my favorite Con of any I have been to.  It also helps that it is a homecoming for me since I am from Atlanta and it was the 1st Con I ever went to on my mother’s advice I might add.  The weather was perfect everyday of the Con.  Dragon Con is a Con for cosplayers and nerds alike.  It is the best cosplay party hands down.  It is a non-stop party comparable to Vegas!  I challenge you to go and in the words of Sergeant Lincoln Osiris, “Survive!”  The first night myself and @swaggycosplayer brought a party speaker and we set up to party in the Loft of the Marriott hotel and it was lit.  So lit that the next night and every night after people were texting us to come and set up again because the DJ’s were not playing the best music.  So each night DJ Swaggy had everyone turnt.  I have some of the party footage in the overview video below.  Due to the success of the pop-up parties we have decided to approach Dragon Con about hosting our own official parties next year.  I was excited to speak with an interview Yaya Han but due to some scheduling issues this didn’t happen.  Cosplay wise I debuted my Miles Morales/Joker mashup which was received very well and I can’t wait to do it upgraded again soon.

The photo shoots never seem to disappoint.  Last year I participated in a couple shoots as a cosplayer but mostly as a photographer.  This year I participated in the X-Men shoot as I cosplayed Nightcrawler and in the Marvel shoot which is always fun.  Marvel didn’t disappoint and we got the chance to once again meet the prop maker for Marvel and held Loki’s scepter and the Infinity Stones.  I had the power right in my hands.  Dragon Con is a great place to make new friends and hang out with old friends.  As always I missed some friends that I hope to catch next time around.

Now let’s talk about my Dragon Con fit fam!  The entire month of August leading up to Dragon Con me and some awesome cosplayers started working out and posting in our instagram stories with the tag #dragonconcrunch and we posted a workout every day.  It went so well that the group grew into the teens and before we knew it we were motivating a lot of people including ourselves to workout.  We decided to all meet up one day at Dragon Con in a gym, in our cosplays, and create a workout video.  We did and it was quite amazing.  I will update this post with our video later.  Our amazing group consisted of: @_darkhyperion_  @codenamecitadel @cosplayflower @cosplaysbyshinobi @dominycanknyght_cosplay @fire_forged_cosplay @gussyjay @legendaryme3 @marvelousrachel @matsujo9 @nataliaannecosplay @okwookie @overup @swaggycosplayer @testpatterncosplay @ugoandcosplay @Billybookcase @ravensbreathcosplay
I also took some time to photograph a few cosplayers while at Dragon Con.  Here are some of the shots.  Thanks to all cosplayers that shot with me.

For the 1st time at Dragon Con I decided to put together a video just showing how awesome the Con is and you can check it out below: Composed by @ugoandcosplay

Also shout out to all the photographers that shot with me.  @ryansimsphotography @jscosplayphoto are my faves and @jscosplayphoto is the shooter of the cover photo.  He has never failed to make me look good.
Check out the photos of myself and some other talented cosplayers:


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I can’t leave you without mentioning the Dragon Con Black Geeks shoot which I feel fortunate to have participated in.  It bring me so much joy to see so many blerds congregated in one place with one common interest.  The group has really grown and I have a blast at this shoot every year.  There is a sense of positivity that is on another plane at that shoot.
I highly recommend you come to Dragon Con next year.  I will meet you there!  I am already plotting next year’s cosplays and shenanigans…
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