Japan Expo Paris

This was my first time attending Japan Expo or any Con in Paris.  It was an absolute blast and I met some amazing cosplayers and photographers and made several new friends.  I hadn’t worn my Black Panther cosplay in a while and decided to wear it on the Saturday.  Paris definitely showed me a lot of love in that cosplay.  Before I even made it to the Con while we were in the parking lot several cars drove by and yelled Wakanda Forever and of course I replied Wakanda Forever or Yibambe.  My homey Ugo and Cosplay convinced me (to be honest it didn’t take much convincing me to go lol) to Japan Expo.  I’ve already got future cosplays and plan on collaborating with @rvprops (whom I officially met there) on a new cosplay.  On Sunday I wore my Miles Morales cosplay which was very popular.  We ended up having our own Avengers group consisting of Ironman, Thor, Captain America and myself.  We were stopped for almost an hour inside taking photos with guests and other cosplayers.  It would not have been so bad if it wasn’t extremely hot in the mask and if I wasn’t doing Spidey kneeling poses lol.  Per usual I blame Ugo for that hahaha.  One of the highlights includes going to a mall and eating plenty of Haagen Dazs ice cream in my Black Panther cosplay.  Check out the photos from Japan Expo.



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