Panoramic Shot

Have you ever saw a wide beautiful landscape and wanted to capture this beauty with one photo?  The answer to this is to take a panoramic shot because otherwise everything cannot fit into the frame.  On the Iphone you are able to create this by rotating with the phone while taking a picture.  If you are not using your Iphone you will have to stitch the images together.  I am going to create a panoramic shot by taking several images and stitching them together in Photoshop or Lightroom.  It is best to use a tripod to keep your camera steady but I decided to go handheld with the camera and rotate slightly as I take each image.  You can have horizontal or vertical panorama shots.  I will provide example of both.   All images below were hand held without the use of a tripod.

Here is a horizontal shot of mountains in Dolomiti, Italy and it is 4 images stitched together.


Here is a vertical shot of fells in Lake District and it is 8 images stitched together.


Lastly here is another vertical shot of Parliament and Big Ben in London and it is 9 images stitched together.


Lightroom and photoshop has an option to merge photos together and that is how each of these panorama’s were created.