Spider-Man: Far From Home was a really good movie and a great segway into the Marvel MCU next phase.  We saw the fallout from Endgame and the state of where everyone is at.  The movie was funny, had a lot of heart and great fight sequences.  If you are a comic lover or a lover of the 90’s cartoon you will love this film.  Let’s talk about Mysterio and just how well his character was done.  I couldn’t imagine a better portrayal of the villain.  The fights with Mysterio were epic and had me just truly engulfed in the visual effects of the film.  The tribute at the beginning of the movie was priceless as well as the blip.  Marvel knows just how to incorporate scenes from earlier movies to include the very 1st MCU movie into movies that are 19 movies later.  It is incredible the connections that are made.  We finally got a web swinging scene through NY that we deserved and the mid and end credit scenes are not to be missed.  It was a pleasure to see JJ Jameson.  I can’t wait to see the next Spider-man movie and what the hell Nick Fury has been up to.  

Since I was so pleased with the movie here are some of my favourite spidey photos that I have edited.  


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