We Demand Justice for Breonna Taylor

Breonna Taylor was an essential front line worker for her community. She should be celebrating her 27th birthday today. Instead she was murdered in March. A month ago, the Louisville Police Department performed an unannounced no-knock drug raid on her home while she was in bed. Not one of the officers announced themselves before breaking down the door and firing 22 shots, shooting Breonna 8 times. The officers not only had the wrong house but the man they were looking for was already in custody and had been arrested earlier that day. None of these officers have been arrested and it has been a month. Charges must be filed immediately. Arrests of the officers involved, and any other officer involved in the death and cover up of the death of Breonna Taylor must be made immediately. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear must speak up on behalf of Breonna, and Governor Beshear or Attorney General Daniel Cameron must appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Louisville Police Department immediately. An in-house investigation is unacceptable.

Breonna Taylor was an award-winning EMT and model citizen. She loved her family and community. She worked at two hospitals as an essential worker during the pandemic. Like John Boyega said we must take care of our black women. We must continue to demand justice and accountability. Justice is not just the arrests of the officers but also the conviction.

There are several ways you can help demand justice for Breonna Taylor right now.

Donate to the official GoFundMe for Breonna Taylor, set up by her family. They have surpassed their goal of $500,000 but every dollar that can go toward her family in her honor right now counts.


Sign the official petition demanding the officers who unlawfully shot Taylor in her home be charged and arrested.