Slope Season in the Alps

It’s slope season and the it is the time where I work on my snowboard game.  This year it was the Austrian Alps in Sankt Johann.  You will notice all photos are panoramas and were taken with my Nikon D750. The first couple of nights were pretty cloudy and here is a shot from one of those nights.


I didn’t get an early morning shot before snowboarding because we were hitting the slopes early in the morning but here is a shot right after we finished.  Light could have been better but it still worked.

The last couple nights were very clear and you can see the contrast in the night photos. 


The view of the valley from the top of the mountain was just gorgeous and if it wasn’t so cold I could just sit there and look at it all night.  I hope to make one more trip to the Alps before slope season is over…

Oh and RIP to my phone which I lost while snowboarding.