MCM Comic Con London

This Comic Con was special for a lot of reasons.  First I was able to reunite with a bunch of friends that I don’t get to see often and made tons of new friends.  I knew it was gonna be a busy weekend since I was cosplaying every day and on photography duty.  This was by far the best con I had ever been to and it had a lot to do with the people I enjoyed it with.  I cosplayed Ed from Good Burger on Friday and I was surprised by the reception.  I didn’t know how popular it was in the UK.  Many people said I made there Con which shocked me.  It went so well that I wore it again on Sunday.  I even was able to get behind the burger stand inside to do a video.  I was able to join my fellow @northeastavengers as T’Challa on Saturday which turned out amazing.  We joined Letitia Wright on the stage after her interview and since I was wearing sandals she graciously agreed to say “What are Thooooose!”  Honestly the whole North East Avengers have taken me in and every time we get together it just gets better and better.  We even made it into the 86th Floor music video.  On this same day I also was able to be in a Black Panther squad which was pretty damn cool.  Then we went on to meet one of the Marvel Comics and toy creator Ken Lashley who was simply down to earth and hooked us up with some artwork that I need to frame. I just want to shout out everyone who made this con awesome.  I won’t try to name everyone because I know I will miss a few.   Special shout outs must be given to my favorite photo shoots which were the Incredibles group, The Star Trek group, Spiderman and MJ, Thanos and Spidey and the Toy Story group.  I might be a little biased 🙂  Check out some of the photos of my friends.  And shout out to Karen and her Bland Ass Potato Salad!


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I don’t know how I did it but I managed to take 1900 photos which I got down to about 585 after editing.  See some of my favorite photos below.  


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Again thanks for the good time and I can’t wait until MCM October to do it all again.  Disney style this time hahaha. 

Welcome to Good Burger!