Dragon Con 2018 Review

Well to date the best Con I had experienced was London MCM Comic Con May 2018.  The experience I had there was amazing and I didn’t think it would be topped this year.  Fast forward a few months to Dragon Con and it was by far my best Con experience up to this point.  It didn’t hurt that it is located in my hometown of Atlanta, GA.  First, if you like sleep then don’t bother.  Dragon Con is 5 days of partying in which you will fail to sleep.  I don’t care how much of a homebody you are.  It differs from other Cons because after a long Con day you’re still surrounded by tons of attendees that are all going to different parties and getting to interact with more people.  Normally post Cons you have your small groups that you hang out with and you go out with them.  There are a ton of people that made this Con special that will be seen in the photos below.  I chose to be ambitious and cosplay 6 different characters but still managed to take more than 1500 photos.  I decided not to participate in the parade well because I needed at least 4 hours of sleep and it was just too hot for me to wear the Ghost Rider jacket and mask.  
Dragon Con Highlights
The Wakanda shoot was pretty epic and I was fortunate to participate in the Becoming Marvel filming of some amazing cosplayers.  
5 cast members of the Agents of Shield (Elizabeth Henstridge, Natalie Cordova-Buckley, Adrian Pasdar, Maximilian Osinski, Dichen Lachman) and Bendict Wong showed up to the Marvel MCU photoshoot.  
I ran into Mike Colter aka Luke Cage and had a brief convo with him
Running into Jordan Calloway who killed it in season 1 on Black Lightning
Meeting Russell Bobbitt, the official prop maker of Marvel, who also brought a certain shield with him.  
My Dragon Con Cosplay Line Up
Warrior Falls T’Challa
Carlton from Fresh Prince
Andre 3000
Ghost Rider
Prince Akeem
Purple Rob T’Challa
I also ran into 86th Floor videography and was able to be a part of their Dragon Con music video which can be seen here.  

Here are photos I took of some talented cosplayers and were some of my favorite cosplays

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Here are photos with me in it from Dragon Con


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