Shots by Shinobi Cosplay Spotlight: Swaggy

I started following this dude named swaggycosplayer on IG many months ago and he just reminded me of a crazy cousin.  That cousin that always made you laugh by just being exactly who they are and then becomes that crazy uncle. Honestly Swaggy is a fool and if you followed him you would know it.  He just so happens to be an awesome cosplayer and all of his characters have their own swag to them.  Just recently I finally met Swaggy at Dragon Con and he didn’t disappoint.  Swaggy is from Cleveland and he is definitely about that life.  He is a non-stop party and I wanted to take a little time to get to know him. 

Why do you cosplay?

It’s fun to me, meeting new people, sharing common interests and finding new ways to create characters is all pretty exciting. Plus I love it when fellow cosplayers get together and just have fun

How long have you been cosplaying?

It will be 2 years come this December 16th

Is cosplay big in Cleveland?

Not really, there are only a few cosplayers actually based in Cleveland

Whenever I think of Swaggy I think of Darkwing Duck and Static Shock.  What is your favorite cosplay and who do you identify with?

My favorite cosplay is Darkwing  Duck because of what it brings to people, people see it and really smile and enjoy it, but as far as identifying with a cosplay, all the characters I do from Static, Darkwing, Kid Flash, Danny Phantom, etc. all are kind of similar as they all crack jokes, funny, have a good time doing what they do; even in serious situations they joking, but keeping  focus on their tasks at hand, plus they like to help everyone else have a good time

Do you have a cosplay pet peeve?

The idea that some cosplayers think their Instagram numbers puts them ahead of everyone else

If you could go anywhere in the world how to cosplay where would it be?

Hmmmm…anywhere else, but Cleveland

Has cosplay taught you anything about yourself?

Yeah, I really don’t like people that by into social standards and remain ignorant to their fellow man, I’ve always been that way, but cosplay just made me see it more

How much time goes into making your costumes?

Weeks, months, it just depends on what I’m doing and I have to do a lot of out sourcing since I don’t have a 3D printer or know how to sew

What is the best Con you have been to?

Definitely Dragoncon is a lot fun for me cause swaggy gets to be swaggy, but Katsucon and Blerdcon are definitely a close 2nd

What cosplays do you have planned for the future?

King Kai from dragonball z and King Bob from recess

What has been the highlight of your cosplay career?

Meeting a lot of great cosplayers and getting to know them, but one really great moment is when  I’m kid flash or flash, parents always want me to take pictures with their kids and that’s always rewarding to help kids smile

How is cosplay viewed in the black community?

That’s difficult to say, there are black people that accept it and are getting into it themselves, but there’s still a majority of fellow black people that think what black cosplayers do as being different; there’s a word they say I can’t use on here, but you get the meaning

What is your favorite 90’s cartoon? (Could it be Darkwing Duck?)

Oh man there are a lot, Hey Arnold, Recess, Gargoyles, Darkwing Duck, Johnny Bravo, Batman animated series, superman animated series, pokemon, etc…I can’t just pick one, I grew up in front of my TV

Your photo edits are dope, how long have you been editing?

Believe it or not just this past year, I’ve had to learn to adapt to the game to advertise myself because no one helped me when I started, so I just picked up a few apps and started playing around till I figured it out

I haven’t gotten into anime yet.  What would you recommend for someone like to start with?

Lets see, definitely Naruto , DBZ, Yu Yu hakusho or Inuyasha. If you enjoy those classics, you’re good to go into deeper ones like Gundam or newer ones like My Hero Academia or One Punch Man

You do a lot of mashups, which is your favorite?

Blue Lantern Panther for sure, it’s just works

How does one make it to booty Wednesdays?

A simple submission to my page through my DMs are acceptable, but your booty will on be featured based on a few references, I will not specify names, thoughts of it…booty is an art

What music is gonna be in rotation at Dragon Con next year if you are the DJ?

I’m strictly hip hop, but there will be top 40 for Caucasian or non-black cosplayers to enjoy as well, maybe even some Despacito to salsa to something

When you going to come to London Comic Con so we can turn up? Dat way!

Oh for personal reasons I can’t disclose, it will be some time till I make it out that way

I see you got some bunnies (hops for those of you that don’t know), have you ever dunked on someone?

No I have not, I tried it once during the heat of the moment of the game I was in, it was funny to watch, I’m short, dude was big, it looked like a sports blooper from what I was told after I tried it

You also have soccer skills.  Do you think soccer will ever replace football in the states?

Soccer will never replace American football in the U.S. because it’s just a cultural thing here. Just like how the rest of the world grows up living and breathing soccer, the U.S. grows up living and breathing football or basketball

Knuck if you buck or Swag Surfin?

Swag Surfin all day, it brings people together…


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