Bangkok Chinese New Year Celebration

It has been almost a full two months since I have moved to Bangkok and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  New Years was a great and awesome celebration but the Chinese New Year was a celebration worth going to.  I headed down to Chinatown in the evening to check out all the food stalls, performances, fireworks and dragons.  It is the year of the rat! It was amazing to see in person and I highly recommend it for next year. 


A couple facts about Chinese New Year:

  • It is known as the Spring Festival even though it takes place in the winter
  • The date changes each year
  • It is a festival for 1/6 of the world’s population
  • Almost everything is red during Chinese New Year as in China it represents good luck and good fortune
  • The most fireworks in the world are set off on this night
  • The celebration last sixteen days


The rules.  You don’t wont to be the one wearing black or dark clothes during Chinese New Year.  Don’t use sharp object, argue with anyone, clean your house, wash your hair, speak of sickness or death and definitely don’t break or trip over anything as locals believe that your good fortunes in the coming year will turn into misfortune.  



The festival in Bangkok was definitely about celebrating positivity as everyone is happy and smiles are on everyone’s faces.  Even in the face of the coronavirus going around.  It is a great time to experience the Chinese culture.  There were superheroes about dancing for money.  Traditional Chinese dances were performed on a stage.  You couldn’t miss the huge dragon with fireworks in its mouth as it tried to catch the ball.  The whole celebration was full of so much love an I can’t wait to go again next year.  See the photos below for some of the highlights of the evening.  


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