28 Days of Black Cosplay

Here we are and in the shortest month of the year which of course is also Black History Month.  With that there have been many campaigns of people posting cosplayers of color with the hashtag #28daysofblackcosplay.  It is awesome that people have decided to celebrate black cosplayers for the month of February and I have done just that also.  Even though comics and such are dominated by white characters the number of color characters are trending upward.  More and more black cosplayers have joined in the fun in sharing their love for comics, video games, film and waving their nerd flags. It is time to appreciate these people of color that go to conventions and cosplay with the best of them.  This post is dedicated to some of the people I have had pleasure in meeting and photographing that continue to raise the bar in cosplay and promote positivity in the cosplay community. 


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I have had some amazing experiences from a black perspective in cosplay.  Everything has changed with the release of Black Panther where and it put black nerds at the forefront of the modern era superhero phenomenon.  The success of Black Panther came to show the black nerds or blerds as we are called are mainstream and here to stay.  Shows like Luke Cage and Black Lightning are also great examples that blacks have interesting stories and when created to fit what blacks experience on a daily basis it can be different from the norm but also interesting.  Let’s continue to promote positivity in the nerd culture and make it a place where all people feel safe and welcome to appreciate what they love. 

I remember hearing you can’t dress as this character because he is white or because they are a woman.  Who cares.  Whatever character you feel a connection with dress like them and if anyone has a problem with it.  Send them my way.  


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