Shots By Shinobi Cosplay Spotlight: Wonder Kat

I first saw Katya as Wonder Woman in an advertisement for MCM London I believe.  I couldn’t believe just how great she looked.  I honestly thought she could be Wonder Woman.  I’m pretty sure Gal Gadot would approve.   I think the next time I saw her and the first time we actually met she was cosplaying Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers and she absolutely smashed it.  To be honest I haven’t seen a cosplay that she has done that she didn’t kill.  I finally was able to catch her in a Wonder Woman cosplay and it is one of my favorite photo edits I have ever done.  She actually looked like she was in the movie.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know her a little bit over the past couple of years and here’s an opportunity for you to get to know her as well.  This month’s Cosplay Spotlight goes to Katya Fern who is an amazing cosplayer and even better person.

What got you into cosplaying? 

I felt like I popped out the womb with a tutu, I’ve always loved dressing up! That kid at the fancy dress party that went full out? That was me. But the moment my eyes opened to it was when my friend went to MCM con and told me “Katya you’ll love it it’s so your thing” and after watching loads of the cosplay music videos on YouTube seeing people doing what they love it looks so awesome I had to go and experience it. 

How long have you been cosplaying?

First con was May 2014

How do you feel when people tell you they love your cosplay or when kids see you as a hero?

That feeling never gets old. It’s truly so special and makes everything worthwhile. So blessed and grateful to have people out there who enjoy my work. It’s so rewarding knowing you’re inspiring others and bringing a smile to their faces. Having kids call me wonder woman and labeled a role model, I hear heartwarming stories from parents of how happy their child was to meet me and believed was the real one.

Do you have a cosplay pet peeve?

Having to clean your room after DESTROYING it while making a cosplay. That part is never fun haha other pet peeves when people cross the line at conventions or any cosplay hate; there is 0 tolerance for things like that in this world. You have traveled to a few countries for cosplay. 

If you could go anywhere in the world how to cosplay where would it be?

Japan!! That’s always been my dream to go there! It would also be awesome to guest in my second home Portugal. 

Describe your 1st convention?

Complete Awe. I was Daenerys and people were calling me Khaleesi and bowing down to me, being treated like the character it was insane and I fell in love with the atmosphere felt like a home away from home.

How have you improved since then?

I’ve leveled up incredibly far since, my first costume was held together completely by safety pins as I had no clue about sewing or making anything.  Now I can spend months on costumes using a range of materials; worbla, EVA foam, clays/moulds, etc. and make bigger and better cleaner builds each time. I feel I improve with every cosplay forever keep learning! 

What has been your favourite convention?

It always has been MCM London, the biggest UK con has to offer. (May 2016 con to be precise was the best, debuted wonder woman for the first time will never forget that) MCM London is always were most my friends are all in one place and the talent is off the charts! Always love to see everyone’s builds. The funnest most tiring 3 days

Do you make your own cosplays or do you commission them?

I choose to make mine as I have more control over the look and prefer to do it my way to be more accurate and improve my skills.  There’s nothing wrong with buying a costume at the end of the day it’s all about enjoying yourself and having fun. If you want to invest more time and energy into go further into the craft then it’s your choice to explore it further. I do have a lot of respect for those who make their own cosplay from scratch because I know how challenging and expensive it can be. 

Which part of cosplaying do you enjoy more? (Building or the actual con?)

Oh definitely the con! I actually find the building process quite stressful haha. The con is where you see the reward and bring it to life in photoshoots and feel the love hear the reaction. Building it is a rollercoaster in itself, I usually keep that process a secret and just reveal when I finished it so it feels like dropping a Beyonce album on the fly every time. 

You always adopt the spirit of the cosplays.  Is it important to you to be in character?

I do enjoy the feeling of putting on the whole costume for the first time looking in the mirror and seeing the character brought to life. As I’m so passionate it becomes embedded in my DNA to naturally act like them.  In photoshoots I always try embody the character as best I can. Use their expressions/ body languages and poses however when you meet me at con I’m always smiling and overly excitable then snap into serious pose in seconds when taking a photo XD

What has been your biggest moment since you started cosplaying?

The opportunities that come from it are crazy and I’m so grateful to have the greatest memories from them. Just like being invited to the Justice league premier and flown out to be a guest in Cyprus down to cosplay senpai’s and costume designers/actors seeing and applauding your work.

It’s actually hard for me to choose a favorite cosplay of yours.  They are all stunning.  Do you have favourites? 

Awh thank you! I’d say Wonder Woman as it’s now more about how it makes me feel and what it represents, it has the biggest interaction and reaction out of all my cosplays.  She is most like “Me” I feel like myself when I wear it, like the best version of WonderKat there could be. Closely followed by my Harley Quinn Variant play arts kai has it’s some of the best work I’ve done based on technical ability and skills. I’m in love with how it came out, definitely feel like a figurine in it. Anything bad-ass I’m all down for. 

You also do a fair amount of fashion shoots.  Which do you prefer?

I used to only prefer Cosplay shoots as never saw myself as a model, it meant I could be someone else. But now I’ve grown into the confidence of it more I’m loving doing fashion shoots. So I’d say both! Gives me the versatility of doing everything, I love trying new things always down for a challenge. 

If money was no object what would be your dream cosplay?

I MAKE my dream cosplays. *Insert Shia Labeouf just do it meme* To be honest no matter the skill level or how crazy something looks I will find ways around to make it if I’m passionate about it. Do things even if you can’t. But realistically thinking, probably something huge with wings or large scale cosplay something that really pushes my skills out there. World of warcraft/ League of legends inspiration. To be honest the ultimate dream is nailing Jack Sparrow. Hopefully I can make that childhood dream happen one day! 

How important was the Wonder Woman film to you?

Ooft! I cannot put into words how much it means! I cried when I watched it in cinemas as finally this is what humanity needs. Seeing her rescuing Steve, changing the role reversal, showing how powerful and strong woman can be. The no man’s land scene still resonates with me, I think everyone felt it. It’s inspired so many people out there, and I stand by the fact that only love can truly save the world. It’s all about spreading the love and believing in yourself.  

As a Wonder Woman cosplayer, how did you feel about Justice League?

It wasn’t as bad as the critiques made it out to be. Yes it has its faults yet still quite enjoyable superhero film. Haven’t rewatched since seeing it for the first time so sure that speaks for itself haha. I enjoyed seeing the league all together but clearly wonder woman SAVED that film like she always does. 

After the latest trailer I must admit I am excited to see Aquaman.  On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you to see Aquaman and is there a Mera cosplay in your future? 

Scale of 1-10…..11! I’m super hyped to see Aquaman it looks badass and after meeting Jason Mamoa himself I know his majestic presence won’t fail to make everyone fall in love. I have a connection with the sea ever since a kid, I don’t remember learning to swim must have been a baby, it’s always been inside me! I am a literal mermaid haha so having a whole film based around the ocean I’m so intrigued to see how they do it and pull it off! I’ve done a casual Mera for a beach shoot in Portugal, love the character so far in fact when they released the justice league promo of her I immediately put her in my cosplan list. There are far better Mera’s out there right now I prefer to watch and admire them *insert heart eye emoji*

We have talked a lot about Black Panther in past conversations but what would be your top 5 favourite Marvel films?

Ooooo ok, not necessarily in order but most loved 5 would be:

  • Captain America: Winter Solider
  • Avengers (Love all the Avengers mostly Age of Ultron/Infinity war)
  • Guardians of the galaxy 
  • Black panther 
  • Deadpool

What is the most difficult cosplay you have done?  Why was it difficult?

Rita Repulsa from the Power Rangers, took little over 2 months it tested me in many ways and times I thought I should I should give up, cutting VERY close to the deadline (Like always) I used a lot of new ,materials so that took time to experiment. I wanted it to be perfect and accurate and that takes a whole lotta time and patience. But sometimes like even Viktor Nikiforov’s Skating outfit was hard, sowing and seamstress elements are difficult for me, give me armour any day aha

 Do you prefer cosplaying solo or with groups?

I tend to always cosplay solo, I really enjoy it! As there’s so much to do and see at con I’m not holding anyone down just free flowing and focusing on a single build. I have a HUGE cosplay list to get though. Groups are always fun too! 

Are there any cosplays that you admire?

Anything armoured I always admire as I know how much skill, dedication and time it takes. 

As for cosplayers there are a ton! There’s sooo many cosplay senpai’s out there! Everyone I follow are amazing and even my friends do awesome cosplay so shoutout to y’all! I absolutely love Alyson Tabbitha, a transforming queen! she’s so down to earth and derpy I can’t wait to meet her. 

Have you learned more about yourself since cosplaying?  

Yeah I’d say it’s defiantly helped my confidence and shown me skills I never thought I had. Until picking up a heat gun and blade who knew I could create all these things?! I learned I’m not very good at patterning and am more creative than I thought. Have more determination during the process I go into super Kat mode of having the one goal so strong I MUST succeed and fulfil it.  

What makes you choose to cosplay a certain character?

I’m a simple gal…I see strong bad-ass female, I cosplay. 

It’s quite diverse for me, It’s more about the type of character, I seem to always fall for the powerful independent badass cool characters that have that more serious expression because it’s total opposite of me the fun, happy, positive girl which is why they’re so much fun to imitate. I notice I do a lot of film characters and immersive in the DC world (even though I’m a Marvel lover!)

Who is your favourite photographer? lol j/k “Delete that footage”  


“delete that footage” indeed

I love photographers who test themselves are creative and out the box, always improving and enthusiastic about that they do, open for creative collaboration. 

Here are some shots I’ve taken of Katya


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Here are some shots some very talented togs have taken of Katya


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