MCM Comic Con London Review

Wow so another Con is on the books as MC Comic Con London is over and was all but a blur. Even with the cold it was amazing and what made it amazing was the people. There is always so much love in the cosplay community and each Con my cosplay family net gets a little bigger. It’s always great to see and speak with people no matter how brief. I always value also meeting new people especially people that I’ve been communicated with for a while on the gram. Honestly the people attending make the Con special for me.  

I’ve just finished writing my 1st graphic novel and I was supposed to spend some time finding an artist to collaborate with. This really didn’t happen and I only spoke with 1 artist and I guess we will see where I go from there.  If you are an artist and are interested in a crime based graphic novel then reach out to me. 

Some of my favourite artists/writers were at the Con and I didn’t get a chance to meet them.  Their names are Frank Miller, Chris Claremont and Frank Cho.  Frank Miller has a style that I was considering using for my book and Chris Claremont wrote some of my favourite characters which are the X-Men.  

Here’s some of my favourite shots from the Con of some amazing cosplayers (Many of which I call friend):


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I didn’t take a ton of photos but I will say I did a couple of group photoshoots featuring the Avengers and the X-Men which I can’t wait to edit.  I can’t believe the amount of X-Men we had on hand.  The group wanted me to be the Bishop since they didn’t have one.  I wish I could have but I didn’t have time to make it happen.  Bishop is on my list of cosplays to do in the future and so is Nightcrawler as far as the X-Men are concerned. 

I also somehow managed to do 6 cosplays somehow and taking over 600 photos. Which actually is the least I’ve taken in a long while at a Con.

Here’s my lineup minus my red ranger which didn’t arrive in time. 
Casual Tony Stark
Luke Cage
Randy Watson (Sexual Chocolate)
Genderbend Captain Marvel
Two versions of Miles Morales from Into the Spiderverse 





This was a very satisfying cosplay experience for me even in the cold.  Luke Cage wasn’t planned but a friend of mine was cosplaying Daredevil and he asked me if I could and I said yes.  Casual Tony Stark turned out well and the night before the Con I had the idea to through some protein powder in a bottle and call it Peter Parker’s ashes.  I was called a monster several times for that.  It should be noted that Spiderman has been consistently my favourite superhero since the early 90s.  I was most excited to be Randy Watson from Coming to America.  Just walking around with a microphone and yelling Sexual Chocolate was amazing and so much fun.  I can’t wait to do it again!  I was offered the opportunity to do that skit on the live stage but in the end the timing didn’t work out.  We had a Kree Starforce Team that we debuted at the Con as well which went over very well.  I mean who isn’t excited for the upcoming Captain Marvel film.  Last but not least I completed two different versions of Miles Morales cosplays and I can’t wait to get photos back from those shoots.  We managed to get the attention of the directors and voice of Mile Morales while they were on the stage during the Into the Spiderverse shoot.  They were excited to see our Miles cosplays and took a few selfies with us.  We also met the voice of the Chinese Into the Spiderverse actor portraying Miles and his crew wanted to take some photos with us.  He was pretty cool and amazed by the cosplays.  All in all it was a great con and MCM London remains my favourite UK Con to attend.  Even in the freezing cold! I highly recommend going if you have never been. 

Here are some of my cosplays shots from the Con:

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