I was fortunate to be featured in this year’s Cosplay Alliance Magazine Black History issue.  I was really honored to be asked to be included in this issue with such amazing black cosplayers.  Many of which i’m happy to call friend.  Everyone absolutely looked amazing and it was great to celebrate Black History Month in this way.  I was fortunate to be featured in last year’s Black History Cosplay Alliance Issue as a photographer and it was awesome to be included as a cosplayer this year.  Check out the magazine to find out why I cosplay , why representation is important to me and what my favorite cosplays are.

The magazine can be purchased at the following link:


A big thanks goes out to the mag for including me and also the photographers that took the photos I used.  Follow the magazine at: https://www.instagram.com/cosplay.alliance.magazine/

Here is a photo of my new Green Lantern cosplay that is in the mag and is made by the great foam smith https://www.instagram.com/bluestone_designs/