On this edition of Cornwall we go to Lizard Point.  The most southern part of the UK and maybe the darkest part as well.  This makes it an excellent spot for astrophotogaphy.  This location was chosen by Ollie Taylor, an amazing astrophotographer that allowed me to get some shots with him.  I was able to just make it as the sun was setting and got a couple of those pictures before waiting for the Milky Way to show it self.  The weather was not perfect, there was light rain and clouds.  Clouds are not particularly good when you want to see the stars but they cleared enough for the Milky Way to show itself.  There was also a lighthouse there which proved to be a challenge to shoot due to the light being very bright.  I think I ended up shooting up until 2 a.m.  See the photos below from Lizard Point.   Take a look at some of the shots and leave some feedback!