Beneath the Cowl Live Podcast: Cosplaying Over 40 Discussion

This week on Beneath The Cowl, we’re celebrating cosplayers over 40. Everyone’s cosplay journey is different. There are no rules that say you can’t start cosplaying as an adult. 

Check out the conversation as we discuss cosplaying when you’re older than 40 and and the benefits of being an older cosplayer. 

Hosted By: @Cosplaysbyshinobi

Special Guests:





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The live discussion was held on Saturday May 6th, at 7 PM Eastern. Thanks to everyone that joined the conversation on @youtube
@CosplayAllianceTwitter and in the Cosplay Alliance @CosplayAllianceFacebook group.

Instagram: @beneaththecowlpodcast 

Click the photo below to watch the podcast episode.