Halloween Horror Nights 2023

Another year. Another Halloween is in the books. Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the colors and Halloween is the best holiday. I grew up always dressing up in costumes and trick or treating in Atlanta. I’m also a horror junkie. I watched tons of movies with my cousins growing up. Renting horror movies at Blockbuster every Friday was a tradition. My cousin has attended Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights for more than 10 years and finally we were able to experience it together. 

We’ve talked about our experience on the Beneath the Cowl Podcast where I am a host and discussed the experience and gave tips to people trying to hit all the haunted houses without killing themselves.

While I was there I decided to randomly shoot a micro short film called Survive the Night with an iPhone from the perspective of a blogger experiencing Halloween Horror Nights for the first time. What happens when the horror seems a little too real? I’m happy to say the short has been submitted to film festivals and has been selected to a few and nominated for awards. The short is an official selection of the INDO FRENCH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, a nominee for best horror short in the Tuesday of Horror Film Festival, currently a semi-finalist in the 2 11 17 International Film Festival and a semi-finalist in the TRILOKA INTERNATIONAL FILMFARE AWARDS. The film is shown at the beginning of the podcast. 
Halloween Horror Nights was amazing and I can’t wait to attend annually next year.