Chicago Exposed: The Strictest Gun Laws in America

In the wake of Las Vegas I decided to do a little research since people are always say gun laws won’t work.  Chicago is always their go to.  Whenever anyone brings up anything gun violence related or black murder related they always mention Chicago.  That is their one (Rocky Marciano).  Well let’s actually look at the facts since all these politicians being paid by gun manufactures want to use Chicago as their case.  First let me point out that I am not a ban all the guns nut but believe the current regulation is poor at best and needs to change. 
Fact of Fiction:  The strictest gun laws in Chicago don’t seem to be helping. 
Here’s a tweet from the President in Tweet.
“The most stringent gun laws in the U.S. happen to be in Chicago – and look what is happening there!”
We know how right he is all the time…
It is a misconception that Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country.  Also police report that most guns used in Chicago murders are purchased out of state or the city where regulations are less strict. 
Fact: When Chicago had stricter gun laws, its handgun ban was similar to the cities of New York and the process to get a permit and have a gun in Los Angeles. So let’s look at a timeline of the repeal of stricter laws in Chicago.

• June 2010: The Supreme Court ended Chicago’s ban on handguns.  Heavily influenced by the NRA. 

• December 2012: Illinois’ concealed carry ban lifted

• September 2013: The gun register in Chicago ended.  The requirement to register your gun with the city and obtain a permit was lifted.  Good idea.

• January 2014: A proposal to ban Chicago gun shops was rejected by a judge

Fact:  People from Chicago go to neighboring Indiana to purchase guns where the laws require much less.  If laws are not the same and other places in your region have lesser laws then the regulation of guns is pointless.  It is time to stop spreading the lie that Chicago has the strictest gun laws.  A decade ago their was an ordinance banning handguns in homes.  The NRA attacked this and paved the way for this law to change. 

It is time for gun lovers to stop using Chicago as the poster child for gun control failure.  This is just not true.  Similar to how the response to Black Lives Matter is what about Chicago.  Neither makes sense. 

New York has stricter gun laws than Chicago and shocker here its death rates are creeping toward historic lows. 

I look at the facts and talking about New York doesn’t fit the pro-gun narrative.  It is a fact that stricter gun laws have had an impact on New York homicide rates.  They don’t talk about it because then they would have to admit it. 

From White House Secretary Sarah Sanders, “I think if you look to Chicago where you had over 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes, they have the strictest gun laws in the country and that certainly hasn’t helped there.”

Again really!  That’s they one! Their Rock Marciano. Guns laws are only as effective as the states that border them.  It is not a city issue but a US issue.   

Their is no permit required to purchase a gun in Indiana and drive your weapon or for a trafficker to drive weapons across state lines.  Then the weapon is sued to kill on the streets of Chicago.  60 percent of weapons that the police confiscated in Chicago came from nearby Indiana, Wisconsin and Mississippi and were obtained legally.  Most without background checks.  The other 40 percent come from nearby Chicago suburbs. 

Gun laws wouldn’t change anything huh.  How about universal background checks?  How about loopholes for guns bought at private sellers and gun shows?  How about limiting the number of guns that can be purchased in a period of time.  We just saw that with the Las Vegas shooter.  Over 20 guns purchased within a year.

When guns became legal you only got one shot and had to reload.  Good luck with mass shootings then.  Slavery was legal at one point.  Blacks and women couldn’t vote.  Laws are meant to change based on the advancement of society and gun control is one of them.  No laws against checks for people with mental health.  That is absurd.  And after all the shootings they want to claim they had mental health issues.  

Illinois is one of seven that requires licenses or permits to buy any firearm, and it’s one of five that requires waiting periods for buying any firearm.  Out of the 50 states only seven require a permit. 

Sound off…

If you just think change isn’t necessary then you are lying to yourself.  

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