Trump and Shithole Countries

Today I woke up to another despicable statement that continues to prove he is not mentally fit to serve as the President.  What was it this time?  How do people continue to support him?  Some of those supporters are like he is taking it too far.  Like he took it too far when he tried to get the Central Park Five the death penalty, by saying blacks are lazy, when he discriminated against people of color from staying in his apartments and when he called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists.  I could go on and on and all of this was before the election so you have no reason to take back your vote now.  He is who we thought he was!  Keep defended his bigoted behavior.  I call a racist a racist.

We have heard it all from Trump.  Trump was reported to have said people coming to the US from Haiti have all the AIDS and mentioning Nigerian immigrants would never go back to their huts.  Let us not forget he recently called the black players kneeling in the NFL sons of bitches for standing up to social injustices.  According to Trump the US needs more people from countries like Norway and less people from Haiti and the continent of Africa.

I want to take the time to shine a spotlight on a great person from one of the countries that Trump so easily disregarded and dismissed.

It was only a few weeks ago that a 28 year old from Ghana raced continuously into a burning building in the Bronx.  He saved four people before he died into the flames.  Emmanuel Mensah was an immigrant from Ghana a country in which Donald Trump thinks people are subpar.  Trump would not have ran back in the building to save his children.

Here is another tidbit you won’t see advertised.  The highest educational attainment rates of any immigrant group in the United States belong to Africans.  Even higher than the stereotyped Asian immigrants.

Trump you do not define people of color and we don’t care about your white supremacist thoughts.  If you ask me his mouth is the shithole.  

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