The Boys: A-Train vs Blue Hawk

If you are up to date on The Boys and finished season three then you are familiar with supe Blue Hawk. I couldn’t stand Blue Hawk. When A-Train kills him, it was so satisfying to me. I instantly knew I wanted to recreate that scene somehow. I don’t generally advocate death for people but if you look at this meme I created you know exactly how I feel about Blue Hawk. Thanks to Samuel Jackson for the audio.

I love the way the Boys parallel what happens in the show with real life. Blue Hawk represented the police or an authority figure that over polices black neighborhoods. That scene with him at the meeting with the black community was actually really hard to watch but it was spot on from a writing perspective. Blue Hawk hit all the conservative talking points. He said stuff like the black community has a higher percentage of crime and that is why he over polices them. He justified his brutality and even said he was in fear for his life even though he is the one with super powers. He also hit the crowd with all lives matter and supe lives matter which equated to blue lives matter. When I say I was furious watching A-Train try to get him to stop escalating the situation. Then he started attacking people which included injuring A-Train’s brother. It turns out he paralyzed him. A-Train wanted justice and Vought was not going to give it to him. It was then that he finally understood what he did to Hughie and that he needed to make amends. When he confronted Blue Hawk and started dragging him through the road I was smiling ear to ear. Then he had a heart attack because well his heart couldn’t take that pressure anymore. For the record I knew they wouldn’t just kill A-Train off in that way without making it somewhat final. We didn’t see his heart explode of something like that so I knew he was coming back.

There were a few ways that I could recreate this scene. First off, I knew I needed vfx help. That came down to a dope vfx artist akcromwell. We talked about what I wanted to accomplish and he was very excited and thought if done right it could be his greatest work yet. Now I didn’t have all the resources that he wanted and couldn’t do some things practically like create a blood trail in the road but it all came together and it has been well received. Chongahn was the man behind the video work. Unfortunately, that day he didn’t bring his drone with him so we didn’t really get that overhead shot to match from the show. All in all I am extremely proud of the work we did. Here is the video.