That’s My Quarterback: Old Atlanta Says Thank You

The Falcons had a golden opportunity to end the discussion of whether Tom Brady was the GOAT.  They had forced him into playing 3 terrible quarters and were on their way to given him 3 super bowl losses.  This would have catapulted Matt Ryan into legendary status and killed the GOAT discussion with Tom Shady.  The Atlanta Falcons were a few plays away from being 1st time super bowl champions.  October was about to become a very popular birth month in Atlanta and a lot of kids would have been named Matt.  How many babies won’t be born in October because of this loss… I don’t know how to describe the emotions of this day.  The city was buzzing with excitement knowing we could beat the Patriots.  Through 3 quarters I was on top of the world.  I mean up until New England tied the game up I still thought we were going to bring home the trophy.  Matty Ice had played a solid game for the most part but we just looked satisfied after halftime.   The hunger wasn’t there anymore and the team didn’t capitalize on what the Patriots gave them.  I still don’t understand how Julio was only targeted 4 times.  I know he was doubled and tripled but he is a cyborg as seen from  some of his catches.  I am still trying to process how we didn’t get 3 points with under 4 minutes to go.  This loss hurts!  Bad!  I remember the last super bowl we played in and loss to the Broncos.  I remember it well because my parents went to the game and left me.  I was heated and wanted to go.  I watched the game at my Grandmother’s house and I don’t think anyone really thought we would win that game.  Most people expected the Vikings to beat us.  But this year just felt different.  It felt like a team of destiny and we played like it most of the game.  Taking down the big bad Tom Shady.  We blew it.  There is no other way to put it.  What I do know is that Dan Quinn is putting together a nice team.  We have never had a good defense while Matt Ryan has been our quarterback but the Falcons are putting together a team that is hungry.  They played well and attacked Brady for most of the game.  They needed the offense to run the ball and take time off the clock.  We ran the ball only 4 times after being up 28-3.  What were we thinking? The Patriots kept our defense on the field too long.  I don’t know how you expect to keep Brady contained for 4 quarters.  I could go on writing about so many plays but I don’t want to relive it.  I still say congrats to the MVP Matt Ryan.  That’s my quarterback and I am expecting great things next season as our young defense has gained a great deal of experience.  For all the bandwagon fans, kick rocks.  I will still be putting on for my city.  Here’s to hoping I can Shiva blast next year! I am just gonna toss this one up as the Falcons just didn’t want to go to the White House… F.I.L.A. #RISEUP #atlien #truetoatlanta #birdgang #oldatlanta