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I first met Helen in her Xena Warrior cosplay which is and still remains the best I have ever seen. Her Star Trek Discovery cosplay group was so good that even the costume designer commented on their photo on Instagram. Her skills working with foam are impressive to say the least. I have been fortunate enough to become friends with her last year and we have had some great times since. She was the first Proxima Midnight cosplayer I had seen and she made it even before the movie came out. Helen was chosen to wear it at an Avengers Infinity War Fan Event and was featured on stage with the directors and stars of the film. Her last two DC cosplays were simply outstanding! She made Antiope, Queen Atlanna and a Wonder Woman cosplay for her friend and I am still in awe of them. She is truly amazing. There is not a cosplay that she has made that I haven’t seen her absolutely kill. Let’s take some time to get to know Helen just a little.

What got you into cosplaying?

H: About 5 years ago me and my friends all were super into this game Mass Effect 2… and decided to dress up as femshep, jack and Miranda for Mcm London 2014… I learned to make some foam stuff and we had such an amazing time, the rest is history!

How long have you been cosplaying?

H: 5 years now! Although I’ve always gone overboard with Halloween costumes.

Do you have a cosplay pet peeve?

H: Being hugged in full armor, back sweat (mine) and underwig sweat (again mine) and bad BO (others, wash your cosplays dammit! Pro-tip- Use vodka to spray on areas that can’t be washed).

If you could go anywhere in the world to cosplay, where would it be?

H: Japan I think would be absolutely epic and Iceland too, would be a good place to bring out the heavier warrior cosplays!

What annoys you about cosplay?

H: Never being able to travel light… God I miss the days I could pack a handbag for a weekend!

How are you sooo good at building?

H: Its all thanks to youtube tutorials, a weekend with Artyfakes, and of course the regular blood and skin sacrifices to the cosplay gods.

What has been your favourite convention?

H: Definitely Wondercon 2017, it was my first American con, and I went with my two besties, competed in the masquerade and won my one and only ever cosplay trophy for best costume construction with my Dark Xena. (We also went to Disneyland).

You have been to the pinnacle of Comic Cons in SDCC. Is it worth the trip?

H: Oh hell yes. Very much so. Amazing cosplay, good fun, and so much to see not just at the convention but around it! Downside of course is the crazy monster queues. I would argue that Wondercon is a much better convention for cosplay shenanigans and fun.

What has been your biggest moment since you started cosplaying?

H: Well.. thats a tough one. Last year was pretty big overall. I got to cosplay as Proxima Midnight and meet the cast of Avengers Infinity War and then later in the year Nicole Kidman herself shared my cosplay of Atlanna from Aquaman… I’ve been really lucky!

If money was no object what would be your dream cosplay?

H: Money isnt the problem, its time! I need time and space to build! I want to make a full size cosplay of Fenris from Thor Ragnarok… Or a dragon. That would be cool.

We  have already talked about Aquaman and pretty much agree on our assessment. What do you think could have made it better? Personally I think they just tried to rely on Momoa being cool.

H: I agree, but the production design and visuals were incredible! So many amazing costumes to build! I think the main flaw was with the script. It was just absolutely awful. And the timing on some of the editing on the dialogue was pretty bad too… (I have a masters in animation, so I’m pretty tough on movies).

We have had discussions about racism in the past and I greatly appreciate your thoughts on the discussions. Your low tolerance for racism speaks to me. Is this something you have always been passionate about amongst many other issues?

H: Honestly its something I am still growing in awareness on, I have always believed in judging individuals based on my own personal experience with them rather than on their culture or origin, but its something that as I get older I become more aware of the injustices in my surroundings, I think we all become more aware as we get older, and its up to us older ones, to help make our friends grow too. Not gonna lie though I’ve always been rather confrontational (ok so very) and I have a hard time with letting people spout out ignorant things with nothing to back it up.

What is the most difficult cosplay you have done? Why was it so difficult?

H: So, my Samara (Mass Effect 2) cosplay was really difficult, because I had to do a great deal of sewing, not something I love…and then wearing it was awful… A full asari headpiece (made by CreatureQueen FX), full face and chest paint…at May MCM at the start of summer.

It was SWEATY and so uncomfortable.

Do you prefer cosplaying solo or with groups?

H: Definitely in small groups, say 3-5 peeps, its awesome having a squad!

Have you learned more about yourself since cosplaying?

H: Yes! I learned I’m not actually as introverted as I thought, and I really DO like people! I also made a whole bunch of new friends I can’t imagine life without now.

What makes you choose to cosplay a certain character?

H: It has to be a character who is strong and from a game, movie or comic that I love. They have to have a strong costume style that’s something challenging and fun to make and wear.

I don’t cosplay characters who are very different from me because I’m not that good an actress and I also won’t cosplay someone from something I’ve not played or watched myself.

I do tend to go for villains, or chaotic neutrals, make of that what you will;)

Your Atlanna cosplay was recently shouted out by Nicole Kidman herself. What did that feel like?

H: Honestly it was the most amazing feeling in the world. I couldn’t believe it! Nicole Kidman knows I exist! Like holy crap!

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