London Film and Comic Con 2018

I opted to attend London Film and Comic Con for the 1st time.  I was told it was not the best Con for cosplay but was better for meeting celebs and getting autographs.  It was crazy hot in London that weekend but I opted to debut my Miles Morales cosplay on Friday and Saturday debuted by Ghost Rider Black Panther and Creed Cosplays.  On Sunday I was going to be Prince Akeem from Coming to America for the 1st time as well.  It was probably my biggest weekend thus far as a cosplayer.  I didn’t get any signings but I did manage to get some dope photos taken from Instagram tag so follow:,,,,  The highlights of the Con for me was all the amazing cosplayers.  We had a huge Avengers group going on Saturday and well we had Thanos and Captain Marvel and we had to act out scenes from movies like after Thanos snapped in Infinity War.  Nothing draws a crowd like seeing Avengers dead on the floor lol.  We even got to climb up on a Humvee to take a couple pictures while promoting the new Jack Ryan show on Amazon.  I had a blast at the Con was looking forward to Dragon Con after it was over.  

Here are my cosplay photos:


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Here are my photos of some brilliant cosplayers: 


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Overall LFCC was fun and I can’t believe how much fun I had.  It definitely was about being around some amazing people.  




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