So I kind of have a thing for waterfalls and Erawan National Park was a majestic waterfall park.  Located in an isolated area of Kanchanaburi this national park is a true beauty.  It is a seven tiered waterfall in Thailand and it is not to be missed if you are in the area.  I haven’t been to any other national parks in Thailand but I can’t imagine any park being more beautiful than this one.  It is quite a long hike up to the top and you can rest and stop at each waterfall along the way.  We were given advice to go early in the morning and hike straight up to the top as there would be less people there during that time.  Well that was definitely great advice.  It is also worth mentioning that you can also swim in the waterfalls and we definitely did that.  Some of the waterfalls have limestone rocks which is great for gripping and climbing on when wet.  The total length of the seven tiered waterfall is 1.5 kilometers and it’s all uphill.  

You can hire a guide but we decided to do the trek on our own and without a guide and that is what I recommend.  While in the water they have these little fish in the water that will nibble on your feet as they clean your feet raw.  Be prepared for it.  

On the way down I believe at waterfall number 5 I took my favorite shot with some assistance from an awesome friend.  She found the perfect composition and it turned out perfect.  I opted not to take out my filter and tried shooting long exposure shots without it.  Most of them turned out pretty good.  Here is the shot at waterfall 5.

On the way down there was a waterfall that was not numbered and no one was swimming in it.  I chose to grab my tripod and walk in waist deep water to take a long exposure shot for myself.  There were ton of fish in the water nipping at my feet and legs.  It feels weird at first but then you get used to it.  

There is also wildlife there.  We saw a monkey and some huge warthogs roaming and rumor has it that elephants are roaming the area as well.  

Check out some of the images from that day and do me a favor and take a trip to Erawan National Park.  Take plenty of water and snacks with you.