A Few Hours in Kanchanaburi

You’re probably asking where the heck is Kanchanaburi.  Kanchanaburi is a town in west Thailand located about 3 hours from Bangkok.  A friend and I traveled down to the River Kwai for a weekend getaway and we decided to spend a few hours here.  We made the most of our time here but Kanchanaburi is definitely worth a visit.  The town is known for its Death Railway Bridge that was built during WWII.  The bridge crosses the River Kwai and was built by prisoners of war.  Many died building this bridge.  We met some friendly Americans while there and got a tip on a few good eating spots.  We decided to go to the Village Farm to Cafe and didn’t regret it one bit.  

First the we were amazed by the atmosphere of the cafe upon walking in.  The music was great which helped create a nice and chilled vibe.  The ceiling is decorated with dried flowers that look great.  The large glass windows let great natural light into the restaurant.  It was a perfect getaway surrounded by mountains.  You can enjoy sitting outside looking at the fantastic scenery or inside.  The cafe is very spacious and you never feel crowded.

The menu was very creative and had tons of great choices.  The desserts looked amazing as well.  For dessert I recommend trying the Tao Pang in the Garden as seen in the picture below.  It is delicious.  Melon ice cream and homemade bread with melon cream filling is worth the visit alone.  Word of advice take your pictures quickly because that ice cream will melt.  The ingredients are fresh as they are straight off the farm to your table.

Out back you can ride bikes for free around the lake there.  We very much enjoyed doing that.  I can’t remember the last time I rode a bike.  We saw several people having photo shoots inside and out as their are many great locations for photos.  So get your camera’s ready.  

I had a fresh cold pressed fruit juice which was great for the warm weather. 

In summary, any visit to Kanchanaburi demands a visit to The Village Farm to Cafe.  You can thank me later.