This is the 1st of four blogs related to Cornwall.  I was able to visit Cornwall recently and discovered why so many have told me I had to go visit there.  I spent a brief time in Newquay and most of my time in Penzance, Lizard Point and Marazion.  Let’s start with Penzance which was a pretty cool town.  First it being right on the water I ate some great tasting fresh seafood.  If you know me then you know that makes my tummy smile.  As mentioned above I am covering Cornwall in four different blogs coming from four different aspects. 

There is a pool on the ocean called the Jubilee Pool which I was going to swim in since they had wetsuit rentals for 5 pounds.  I didn’t have time to swim this trip but next time I will be swimming.  This trip was more about checking the town out and astrophotography which will be covered in the next Cornwall blog.  I will also discuss St. Michael’s Mount in another post but this is located in Marazion which is just a few miles away from Penzance.  It was low tide the day I was flying out so I was able to walk to the castle.  Check out the gallery and leave some feedback.