BlerdCon 2023

I went to my first Blerdcon in July and it didn’t not disappoint. As a blerd this was more like a family reunion or homecoming than a con. I interviewed @marcusthevisual back at Emerald City Comic Con where I wore on of his cosplay design. I spoke with him behind the scenes about one of my favorite mashups he created. It was a Nightcrawler and Spider-Man mashup. He envisioned all the X-Men as spider people but Nightcrawler is my favorite member of the X-Men and I already happen to cosplay him. I told him then I would cosplay this design the next time I was at the same con he was at. After that day I worked with my designer to send me a suit I could print at Herostime. Here is a video of the cosplay reveal as I show it to Marcus. I am so glad with how it turned out.


New cosplay alert #marcusthevisual #xmencosplay #spidermancosplay #marvel #fyp

♬ nothing gold can stay – whoisazar!

One of the main reasons I went to Blerdcon was to meet the voice, the legend Cree Summer. Her panel was so amazing and was every but of the legend I thought she was. Here is some audio from the panel.

I was able to also briefly interview Cree. This was more like giving her flowers. I did have some questions I wanted to ask her but those were asked during her panel. Her energy was great and it was also her birthday weekend. I also got my sister a signed POP of Susie from the Rugrats for my sister for her birthday in November. 

I am still reeling off Across the Spiderverse as Spider-Man is my favorite hero ever. My two favorite spiders are Miles Morales and Hobie Brown aka Spider-Punk. It just so happened that Afua Richardson who drew the Spiderpunk comic that was shown on the screen had a booth at Blerdcon. I just had to meet her. I cosplayed my Miles/Hobie mashup and she loved the design. She was gracious enough to let me interview her about working on the movie and working on Lovecraft Country. She is truly an inspiration. 

This was the second time I met Curt from Head Nerds In Charge and he had some time for me to interview him. 

The adult and kids cosplay contests were also on point. 

I can’t talk about Blerdcon and not talk about the parties. Each night was lit. The day 0 party was just enough hype to get everyone going but the following night the 90s party took things to another level. It was the Saturday night hosted by DJ Senpai that really got everyone going. DJ Senpai was in his bag and we were all there for it. He even had me grinding when he played Pony. 

I couldn’t believe I also met black royalty in J1. He runs the longest running black-owned convention and has worked with tons of studios and has his own anime. I have to attend J1 Con. It is a must for me as a blerd. Here is his interview. 

Here is an interview I did with RULE19COSPLAY. He cosplayed one of my favorite heroes in Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler from the X-Men.

Since the release of Across the Spiderverse I have been waiting to see a Miles Morales Prowler cosplay and @anubiscosplay killed it so I had to interview him.

Thanks for having me Blerdcon and thanks for letting me do my press thing. I had a blast and I will be back next year. Next year I want to be on the stage performing.