While visiting Ireland this summer I drove to the west coast.  We just wanted to take a boat trip and hopefully see some Ferrell Puffins.  I drove on the Ring of Kerry which is a beautiful scenic route in Ireland.  The road trip ended at Portmagee where we ended up taking a boat trip to Skellig Michael.  I was wondering why shops were selling Star Wars Memorabilia.   Well I quickly saw why this was the case.  As we approached Skellig Michael I realized this island looked familiar.  I turned to my mom and said I think this was where Star Wars was filmed.  It turns out it was the island where Luke Skywalker was hiding at in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  It is where the movie ended and where much of the The Last Jedi takes place.  On the boat trip we saw another island covered in Black Guillemot birds and also saw some Puffins.  You can see both islands in both movies.  Check out the photos below.  

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