If you are looking for a custom tailor in Bangkok then look no further than Victor and Jesse at Rajawongse.  Victor’s shop was recommended to me by a co-worker and said they were the best.  They stand by their quality and I was given a certificate for a free hand-made shirt and pants.  I knew then any tailor that would do this for free must be good and rely on the quality of their product to get repeat customers.   They have an impressive list of clientele including Presidents, congressmen, generals and statesmen from all over the world.  It is safe to say that they are the premier tailors of Bangkok. 

The shop has operated for over 30 years which was quite impressive to me and goes to show that they must produce quality suits.  They provide you with wide array of fabric options and create your suit specific to your designs.  You will feel like a million bucks in your suit.  

Victor and his staff were very friendly from the time I walked into the store.  They treated me like a VIP all the way from Victor dealing with me directly and going over the different fabric choices and colors to getting my measurements taken.   They offer you beverages as well while you are being helped.  As popular as they are you never feel unattended while in their store.  



During my first fitting I felt like James Carter, LAPD.  That was all I could think of when looking in the mirror.  I was surprised how every time I came to the store Victor would remember everything we discussed.  I was like as many customers as you must speak with in a day  that was impressive to me and goes a long way with keeping customers.  









My second fitting Victor and staff really fine tuned the suit so that it fit me properly.  They were just as nice as the previous encounters and they receive an A+ in customer service from me.  I definitely will be back to get more suits from them.  They treat you presidential the entire way and that is how you feel.  









I received so many compliments on the suit made by @rajawongseclothier.  I told Victor I’m sending him customers and I am looking for that sponsorship. They spared no details in the making of this suit and even the inside of the jacket has by name in it.  Thanks again to your awesome team!






I can’t wait for my next suit. I can’t go back to off the rack.  









You can follow them on instagram  @rajawongseclothier 

You can see their shop being featured on a segment that is produced by CNBC: