All Lives Matter: Restrictions Apply

My mind takes me to the X-Men. Are we seen as mutants? Why can’t we be treated equally?

We have to understand that yes some cops are bad, not all blacks are criminals, all whites are not racists, all Mexicans are not illegal and all Muslims are not terrorists. Until you truly understand this and stop judging people before getting to know them things won’t change. I understand most of you may not have friends of other races and may have had bad experiences with them but they are NOT representative of ALL.

There is corruption in many police departments and in the judicial system to include prejudices so why wouldn’t we protest. Our image is always put into question. So much that an affluent teen does no time for murder or a college kid that rapes an unconscious girl; is convicted only will serve months because whites (more so whites with money lives are valued more than poor whites and finally blacks).

When blacks tried to get their own whites burned what they built down with no arrests made to include hospitals, businesses and people. So again do all lives matter? Orlando was looked at as the worst shooting in American history. It wasn’t; worse killings have been done to blacks and Native Americans; so again do all lives matter?  Why is it whenever someone says black lives matter in reference to black people unnecessarily being shot do people say all lives matter or blue lives matter.  If all lives mattered then that would include the black person that was killed unjustly.  So why bother? We know all lives matter but a black person just died for no reason to include being unarmed.  In response to a cop killing a black why is the response blue lives matter.  Look we know they matter but by saying blue lives matter clearly you are ignoring the person that died.  A white man Larry Gordon just shot and killed 2 police officers, why isn’t this being covered and why not say blue lives matter in response to this.  Because he wasn’t black so it doesn’t feed into the negative picture society wants to paint against black people. Let’s look at another white man.  “WELSH, LA (KPLC) – Welsh police officers were able to disarm a man who pointed a gun at them Sunday evening, Welsh Police Chief Marcus Crochet said. Taylor Myers, 26, of Welsh, is charged with simple battery and aggravated assault on a police officer with a firearm. Welsh police received a call that Myers was drunk and in a verbal argument with his father, Crochet said. Myers began throwing things off the porch before making physical contact with the complainant.  When officers arrived, Myers was inside the house. When officers gained entry, Myers confronted them with a shotgun pointed at the officers. The officers were able to disarm Myers without incident.” Wow I guess they were not threatened by his skin color even though he pointed a gun at them.  In another incident a white person pointed a gun at an off duty officer.  They went to the home of the person and brought him and his weapon in.  So I guess they weren’t threatened enough to shoot him.  

It’s only been since 1954 when segregation ended and for years blacks were illegally restricted from voting. Richard Nixon ordered for a war on blacks from the greatest levels of office and we still face this systematic oppression. Alas again do all lives matter? Where is humanity? 

I support cops that operate within the law and protect the rights of people. We have a right to due process. You can’t be scared of blacks and only think the worst of everyone and be a good cop. 

See this article from the FBI on police integrity:

Where is the NRA? Does the 2nd amendment rights only apply to whites? Black and white NRA members are threatening to leave for the non-support of a law abiding citizen’s (Philando Castile) right to carry. Can you really pull someone over for having a wide nose which is a major characteristic of most blacks? How can people not be affected by these social injustices and continued racial profiling?

Murder is what I see. Tamir Rice could have been me. Most white people can’t understand our feelings because they have never been targeted but as a black person we have been targeted since slavery.  Black rights have been violated since I can remember. I don’t know what to do at the moment but I cannot and will not be silent and let this continue to happen. These killings are beginning to become new lynchings. Cops that speak out against these injustices are threatened to be fired or demoted. I was taught if you see something done wrong to someone that you should speak out about it. Cops are not above the law and if anything they should be scrutinized at a higher level being that people’s lives are in their hands.  Who will respect police that do not abide by the law?  You can’t enforce something that you don’t abide by.  Shoot 1st, ask questions later.  Every time something happens we hear immediately about the victim’s history or arrest record. So I guess that makes you feel good if someone has an arrest record and is killed or see it justified. A kid falls in the gorilla enclosure at the zoo and for no reason the media has to bring up the fathers’ criminal record and he wasn’t even there. So the image of a black is just ghetto, hood and criminal. When the majority of blacks are good law abiding citizens but that is not what is portrayed in the media to help justify the killings. I have seen videos of unarmed blacks being killed and Latinos but I have seen videos of white males pointing guns at cops and threatening them and somehow they walk away and get their day in court. I guess blacks without a gun pose more of a threat than whites with guns.

What about the history of the cops or does that not matter? What about the cops records after a shooting? Complaints and other negative issues. The cop that killed Tamir Rice had many alarming issues to include being mentally unstable when holding weapons on multiple occasions.  Many of the cops that have committed killings have had many complaints against them or other alarming issues.  Who reviews these complaints? Are they taken seriously or just swept under the rug? Who will uphold the police officer’s integrity because that is what we need today.

When MLK and other leaders marched did all lives matter then? Of course but how are minorities being treated? Everyone recently had all these great things to say about Muhammed Ali after his death. Where do you think he would stand in black lives matter? I’ll wait for a response.

I just can’t stop thinking about the killings. My soul is uneasy and I feel like I need to get it out in writing. As long as I can remember blacks have been taught to fear police. Why, because throughout history they are able to be above the law, committing unlawful acts with no consequences. It’s always their word against a “criminal’s” right; I mean who wouldn’t believe a cop is telling the truth. You must realize that cops are human just like us and are capable of making terrible decisions but these choices can change the lives of a family. 

It’s just disgusting, inhuman and disrespectful to keep saying all lives matter at this point. How can anyone see the killings of unarmed people continue to be justified? If you look throughout history we can cover way too many instances of crimes committed by officers of the law. These criminals wearing badges give good cops a bad name and it’s time for GOOD cops to speak out against your brothers in blue. I have seen this happen and hope more of them step forward. How is it possible to find a way to get white armed suspects that actually threaten cops or have committed murder in to face trial but unarmed blacks are shot dead?  A man that killed 9 blacks in a church was able to walk away for his day in court and they stopped to get him food. I guess cops are not threatened by a known killer. How can you justify the shooting of a man with a knife 16 times or the drive by murder of a 12 year old child? Nothing was said to the boy but he was assassinated. This made an older white woman so mad she went to cops with a BB gun and actually threatened to shoot cops and pointed it at them but they felt she was a lesser threat so they didn’t shoot her. This really hit me hard because I played with cap guns and BB guns as a kid and we all painted/taped the guns to make them look real. I could have been Tamir Rice. It’s time that you need to understand systematic racism that has plagued America since the beginning starting with slavery. 
People don’t understand the struggles we face as blacks when people of power are allowed to be prejudiced without challenge. If you are a member of any hate group including the KKK you should not be allowed to be hired to be a police officer or to serve in any public office. This includes members of Congress who are already in office.  How can you serve a community if you have prejudice towards a group or groups of people? An article warned America about this a long time ago from the FBI that white supremacist were infiltrating law enforcement and were a great national threat. 

See article:
I shouldn’t feel safer in other countries than I do in my own country. I have so many experiences of being pulled over for NO reason but being black. Once I had multiple cars stop me on July 4th, (this was after I was a working professional). I was at a traffic light and a cop is next to me in the turning lane. He looks at me and when the light turns green he gets out of the turning lane and gets behind me. Now I’m scared, not because I have something to hide but because cops have unlimited authority and we are taught the history of their abuse of power to our race. Of course he stops me but waits for more cars before he approaches. I was angry to say the least and he came up asking for my ID and all my friends’ ID. For what? I ask what I did wrong and he has nothing to say. It turns out that the other 3 unmarked cars were DEA so why did he pull me over in a Honda Civic? Because I look like I’m transporting drugs? My friends actually had to tell me to calm down because I was starting to speak in a tone of anger. I am not supposed to be angry for being pulled over for no reason? You have no idea what is a normal part of life for blacks.  I question the cop and he gives me a ticket for some BS and he never puts it in the system because I told him I would fight it. Those were my tax dollars at work. I have been taken to the back of my car and asked to place my hands on my trunk and asked to search my vehicle.  But yeah we are all treated equally and all lives matter. 
It has been widely known and many officers have stated that cops are trained to deal with minorities with extra force. Why? Black lives matter does not mean being anti-police we just want to be treated fairly. When someone kills a cop they are punished we want police brutality to be punished and officers that act outside the law to be held accountable. We are tired of being victimized and seen as threats. The systematic training of cops to see blacks in a negative light is a problem that needs to be addressed. The Dallas shooter was made to be the face of Black Lives Matter but a bad cop is not representative of all cops or KKK member not representative of all whites. Again are we equal and do all lives matter?

Somehow the KKK is an official recognized group in America but petitions are fine to make Black Lives Matter a hate organization.  Let’s look at KKK history: they caused a great death toll and are American terrorists. Again all lives matter right? Clearly not when this group is allowed to be recognized and members are serving in the police force and in Congress but we can’t understand systematic oppression.  Over 86 years, the Ku Klux Klan lynched 3,446 blacks and this doesn’t include the destruction of homes, stores, the bombing of black schools, churches and the people they injured and this number is also probably much higher because many were not recorded. The KKK and Racist Groups Have Killed More People Than Islamist Terrorists in the U.S. Since 9/11. Dr. Kurzman stated, “that many law enforcement agencies across the United States have told the researchers that the threat from Islamic extremists was not as great as the threat from right-wing and racist extremists.” So again do all lives matter?

Why are cops so afraid of blacks? Look at these numbers…Credit to Shaun King for the following, “I need to clear some things up about crime in America. Lots of fake numbers being thrown out – particularly as it pertains to crime & race. White supremacists, and the conservatives who secretly love them, keep saying that over half of all crime in America is committed by Black folk. That’s just a flat out fabrication. What follows will be the stats which come straight from the FBI database on crime:

67.2% of rapes committed by WHITES

63.7% of aggravated assaults committed by WHITES

66.5% of motor vehicle thefts committed by WHITES

73.1% of arsons committed by WHITES

72.5% of non rape sex offenses committed by WHITES

67.7% of burglaries committed by WHITES

83.7% of DUI’s are committed by WHITES

70.1% of vandalism is committed by WHITES

We can talk about it, but GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.”

Cops won’t stop these killings until they are actually being sentenced for MURDER.
Cops feel threatened by blacks for some reason even though 90% of cop killings this year have been committed by whites. “In fact, the FBI reports that of the 511 law enforcement officers killed during felony incidents from 2004 to 2013, white citizens killed the majority of them. Of the citizens stopped by law enforcement officers in New York City and Chicago, white citizens were more likely to be found with guns and drugs. Given the white supremacist penchant for violence, guns and drug trafficking, the findings may be an indication that their network is just as destructive and far-reaching as that of foreign terrorist groups.”  Again this is from an FBI report. 

For everyone responding to black lives matter with all lives matter. Imagine your father has a heart attack and an ambulance shows up and a neighbor says wait all lives matter, I matter too. Yes all lives matter but you are not in need of medical attention and you yell my father is dying he needs help. Well we are dying and we need help. If you fail to see this then you are part of the problem.  Do not celebrate the death of cops, the goal is for everyone to live. If you do you ARE part of the problem.
Again, we have to understand that yes some cops are bad, not all blacks are criminals, all whites are not racists, all Mexicans are not illegal and all Muslims are not terrorists. Until you truly understand this and stop judging people before getting to know them things won’t change. I understand most of you may not have friends with other races and may have had bad experiences with them but they are NOT representative of ALL. We need all three groups to work together to bring about change. The Civil Rights movement changed because yes ALL lives matter but everyone understood that injustices were being done to blacks and whites and blacks came together for a just cause. #blacklivesmatter