MCM Comic Con: And the Winner Is Hermoine

At the MCM Comic Con in London I shot a great deal of cosplayers.  I offered a free print to the best cosplayer for the entire weekend.  I judged the best by which had the […]

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Mystery Dinner Studios Teaser Trailer for Feature Film Psychopaths is Here

Mystery Dinner Studios feature film Psycopaths teaser trailer is here. Here’s teaser #1 for our new indie feature film, “Psychopaths”. #indiefilm #filmmaker #thriller Teaser #1 of the upcoming indie thriller feature film, Psychopaths. Written and […]

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MCM Comic Con 2017

Watch the video of the my time at MCM Comic Con London 2017.  It was an awesome time and I met some wonderful people that I plan to see in October.  I showed up as […]

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The Poster for Mystery Dinner Studios New Film Psychopaths

Check out the poster for our new film.  I am getting my 1st movie credits in this independent film.  Writer/Director Tony Aaron II killed this one.  Oh there are many more to come.  The trailer […]

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Shots by Shinobi Harewood House Shoot with Erica

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6 Hours in Amsterdam

I recently had a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam and what to do?  You take the train from the Airport to Central Station and take the tram around the city.  You go see the canals, […]

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Photo Shoot with Nicola featured in Front Magazine

I was lucky to work with model Nicola Paparazzo at Millwood Photography Studio last week.  We had great chemistry and the photos displayed that.  She has tons of interesting tattoos and a unique look.  Some […]

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Long Exposure Waterfall Photography Vlog

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Retro Class Clothing Brand Photo Shoot Vlog

Check out the vlog of my shoot with the Retro Classic Brand at the Waterfalls!  

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Why I love Clouds (Landscape Photography Vlog)

The following video discusses why I like clouds in landscape photography and also when clouds are undesirable. 

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